Sunday, September 21, 2008

Double Standards

Sometimes it is nice to have double standards. For instance, Ed and I were out shopping the other day because we are on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans for him (which we found). He use to have a fitted jean that was great for when we went out but sadly little rips in the knee turned into huge holes and thus we had to throw the jeans out.

Anyway, he was trying on some jeans and he lifted his shirt up to show me the waist and see if I approved the fit. When he lifted his shirt up I saw his gut, which has become a little larger over the past few months. Me, being me, said "Um hun, we really need to do something about that gut. It's getting bigger". He just shrugged it off.

Then I thought if he ever said anything like that to me I would punch him in the nuts and he would be sleeping in the shed forever. Needless to say he never says anything like that when I try on clothes. Instead he says "Hun, you look great. How did I get such a sexy wife?" Oh ya, he is good!

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