Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last Night

So last nights game was great, they loss which sucked but other then that I had a wonderful evening. My dad, mom and hubby picked me up and we began the trek home. They were already in the area because hubby had a double header softball game. Anyway, my dad has this tickle as he calls it in his throat and he keeps clearing his throat every 2 mins. Over and over all the way home .. very annoying!!!

Me: Dad, do you want a cough drop?

Dad: No, its just a tickle.

(10 minutes pass of this clearing of the throat/annoying tickle)

Me: Dad, do you want a cough drop?

Dad: Is it sugar-free?

Me: No, but its a Halls.

Dad: Oh ... well I don't need one.

Seriously?!?!? You are not going to take a cough drop because it has like 1g of sugar ... I don't understand.


The Ramos Family said...

I can totally picture this scene in my head. Haha.

Kimberly said...

At least he wasn't passing gas and locking the windows like he used to do....