Sunday, September 28, 2008

Game Night

Game Night is always such a good night with Cranium, Apples to Apples, Dirty Minds, Battle of the Sexes, etc etc. It is amazing how we get our team to guess the answer. A few examples:

Cameo - me acting out "Twin Peaks" .. I keep focusing on my chest and bring my hands out to a point. The guesses are Boobs, Chest, Madonna, etc etc and finally one of my friends says point which gets them thinking the other direction and finally K yells "Twin Peaks" Yayay!!! Score points for us!!

Cloodle - BK drawing out Mr. T .. mind you he injured his right hand in softball so he has to use his left hand to draw and some how the boys get it ... oh hell ... they pulled that out of their asses.

Scuplting - Vixs tells us " No, milking the sculpture". Apparently she once got the slogan "got milk" so she scuplted breasts and began to milk them ... in front of her father in law .. god I love that girl.

The best part of game night is hanging out with some of my favorite people!!

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