Wednesday, September 17, 2008

College Student

Last night I started my GRE prep class. Fun times. So I already have my Master's but when I chose to do that I had the option of taking the MAT's (Miller Analogies Test) or the GRE and silly me chose the MAT's. I thought it might be easier and I could get to it faster so I opted for that one. I got my Master's but now I want to go further and of course all the programs I am looking at don't want the MAT's but instead the GRE so here I am in a prep class.

It wasn't horrible. The time went by fast and the professor was great. The bad part was that I realized I have a lot to learn. It was very overwhelming. I need to study, study, study!!

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Jess said...

Ewww, I took a GRE prep course and it was torture! I was a bad girl and skipped classes and didn't do my homework so no surprises when I bombed the test. Guess I'm not cut out for more school! =P