Thursday, December 18, 2008

Need more time in the day

Seriously, I need way more time in the day. Why do I always overextend myself???? I love being around people and helping people but I need to take a moment and take time for myself ... yikes. I am hoping that storm we get this weekend forces me to stay in and not do to much .. I need a day off like woah!!

So I have been super busy lately and want to update everyone. Monday night we went to Target to get our final xmas gifts. I made a list and we went right after work. Silly me I was still wearing heels as I walked up and down the aisle trying to figure if my cousins son would like the gift I get him even though I haven't seen him in two years. oye. As we paced up and down, up and down, between all the carts and people I began to think "Why the hell did I wear heels??" then I began to wonder "Why didn't I have a drink or two before coming?" Next year I am buying earlier, wearing jeans and sneakers and going drunk.

Tuesday night I went to Weight Watchers and stayed for the whole meeting cause I loss 2.4 pounds so I am back to a loss of 20.4 ... woo hoo! I am excited. Hubby and I have been going to the gym in the morning and it is paying off .. thank goodness or I wouldn't be going.

Wednesday night was a doctor's appt and then grocery shopping. We had a potluck at work and I was making my WW turkey chili so I had to get the ingredients and then make it. oye. I was so tired and my feet were hurting again which reminded me that man I do really need a drink.

Tonight we met up with my cousins, one who is preggers and due in 9 weeks. They showed us the ultrasound picts and you could see a profile .. we think she is a going to have a long forehead like daddy but you never know. We also found out the name today .. Sophia Nicole. Precious.

I know I have more to tell but thats all the time I have now .. hope to post a pict or two of the White Trash Bacherlorette party cause it was fun. The whole time driving there I was chanting "don't get pulled over" "don't get pulled over". I was dressed like a whore, cause thats what you wear to a white trash party, and Victoria's Secret had nothing on my boobs. Also Peter the Pecker was sitting in the front seat .. it was hard not to use him as a stick shift.

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