Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner

Last night we went to J&B's wedding rehearsal. My hubby is one of the groomsmen and I got to attend as well. The rehearsal went really well and it made me tear up when they said their vows. It reminded me of our vows almost 6 months ago.

After the ceremony we all headed to dinner, we went to The Mill Wharf in Scituate Dinner was great. B's parents made it very impressive with everyone starting with a cup of Clam Chowda ... SO good. Then we all had Shrimp Cocktail, these shrimp were the largest I had ever seen and very tasty. Then they served stuffed mushrooms with a nice stuffing and melted cheese on top. OMG, first I love mushrooms and don't eat them often since hubby doesn't like them, secondly I love stuffed mushrooms especially with a little cheese. These were great.

After all the app's it was time to order dinner. I couldn't decide between their 16 oz steak or their baked stuffed scallops. After having the mushrooms I decided to keep with the stuffed theme and went with the scallops. They didn't disappoint at all. Plus they came with butternut squash, whipped potatoes and green beans. I truly felt like they made this meal just for me because those are all my favorites. Add 3 glasses of Chardonnay to the mix and it was just a wonderful meal.

Thanks to B's parents for such a wonderful meal!

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