Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hooray For Heat

So our furnace guy was able to fix the furnace and all is right with the world. He had to stay till about 9:30pm on Tuesday but it is working. It is so nice to have a warm home and also warm water. There is nothing worst then washing your hands, face or any other body part in cold, freezing water. Buurrrrrr!

Now that we have heat I can try to clean up the house. We have TONS of dishes piled up and have been running the dishwasher constantly to try to catch up. Also the house is just a mess .. its hard to clean when you are cold.

My goal for Sunday is to finish cleaning the house and bring out the holiday decorations. I figure if we can decorate inside and put up the outside lights this weekend then we can get the tree and decorate that next weekend. It's my plan and hopefully it comes together.

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