Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things to do

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is approaching and I am still not ready. I am sitting down constructing my "To Do List" and realize I have so much to do and very seriously very little time.

To Do List:
Thursday (today)
- make choc chip cookies, put Xmas cards in envelopes and address them (only 150 to do - I know - I am really not that popular but somehow we have that many) plus put up Christmas decoartions

Friday - Hubby's Holiday Party, leaving work early so I can curl my hair and get dressed up ... its open bar, app's and dinner so it should be good

Saturday - I am going to a "White Trash" Bacherlorette Party. I bought this crazy dress and bought a new push up bra so I am ready. Plus I volunteered to make the big penis cake because I have a huge penis cake tray from prior parties .. oh ya plus I need to blow up the blow up doll. His name is Peter Pecker. It should be fun traveling with him in the car ... do I put him in the trunk or do I buckle him in the front seat?? Plus we need to buy our Xmas tree

Sunday - Clean house, hang 200 ornaments on the tree, finish Christmas shopping, then make a turkey dinner for my parents who will be coming up for the evening

Monday - Eye doctor appt in the morning so I have to work late that day to make up some of the hours because I can't use my sick time at work yet since I have only been here 1 1/2 months

Tuesday - Go to my Weight Watcher meeting even though its very frustrating. I had lost 21 pounds and over Thanksgiving gained a little so I have lost only 18 pounds but I am going to keep working it.

Wednesday - I have another doctor appt in the evening after work (whenever I change insurance I always meet with all my docts for some reason)

Thursday - Dinner with my cousins which we have been trying to schedule for like 2 weeks. She is preggers and due in late Feb.

Friday - Leave for New Jersey

Saturday - Going to the very famous Morgan's Christmas Party .. although I found out today its dressy .. men wear suits and I need a dress. I just hate black dresses in the winter because I feel so pale and pasty .. I don't want to go tanning cause I know its bad but I need something.

Sunday - Return to MA

Monday - Holy crap Christmas is in 3 days. I will probably be wrapping all my presents and still finalizing.

Tuesday - Really need to go to Weight Watchers then off to the grocery store to get everything for Christmas Eve and Morning since it will be at my house.

Wednesday - Leave work a little early because my in-law will be arriving and need to get everything out and ready for them.

Thursday - Ahhh Christmas ... we go to my Aunts house for Christmas dinner so no work there ... sigh.

PS I need to buy my husband a gift ... when can I squeeze that in???


Ed said...

I could buy the gift for me! Mmmmmm Rock Band 2 :)

Annie MacKenzie said...

Sorry babes but no Rock Band for you :)

Kimberly said...

If you strap Peter Pecker into the front seat, you may be able to drive in the carpool lane. :)