Monday, December 29, 2008


Side Note: This past weekend I didn't end up getting my hair highlighted because hubby's family had an emergency so we had to head down to NJ. Everything is ok now. While we were down there we celebrated Christmas and one of the things hubby got was a New York Yankee's blanket from his Aunt and Uncle. Hubby is a Yankee's fan and I am a Red Sox fan .. it makes things interesting.

Earlier this evening hubby grabbed his new blanket and was bringing it upstairs to bed.

Me: Why are you bringing that blanket up here?
Hubby: So if you get cold you have a blanket.
Me: I would rather be cold.
Hubby: Well, I will put it right by the bed so if you get cold it will be the first blanket you reach for.
Me: I don't want it.

Hubby then trips on the stairs and the blanket goes flying. Karma. Don't mess with a Red Sox fan or you will fall down.

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