Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Miracle

YES! YES! YES!!! My hairdresser and my eye waxer (ok proper name of esthetic) can see me this week. It is a Christmas miracle!!! I am so excited if I could do back flips I would.

Let me back up:

We moved to Stoughton last year and I had still been going to a hairdresser in Medford because I worked in Boston so it really wasn't bad to go after work. Well I stopped working in Boston this past September and in order to go to Medford I really need to go on a Sat which stinks because it is super busy and there is no parking.

Over Halloween I got my hair dyed dark and covered up the blonde .. that was good then but now I want to be brighter and need some blonde love. I have been trying to wait to find a place around my new home but I don't want to go to just anyone .. I don't think I am stuck up or snobby but I don't trust my hair to just anyway .. hello this is my hair we are talking about. So weeks have gone by and I have not found anyone and then I find a place but haven't gone in yet to see what it looks like so still no appt.

This past weekend my grays became so bad I had to buy hair dye from CVS and do it myself. Well I covered up the grays but it also darkened my hair and I feel vampirish (not cool for me). So I waited a day and then last night dyed my hair again (I have really thick hair so I can get away with this) but its still not much lighter.

Why? Why? Why did I not just go to Medford where I am loved and love them?? Finally it came to me ... who cares about the 45 - 1 hour commute .. I love them and need to be with them. I called a few moments ago to see if she had any room for me this Saturday for a full set of foils and she does!! OMG!! I am so happy.

Part 2:
Eyebrows, we all know I am trying to grow them out because mine are super thin and I think I need them to be a little fuller but do you know how hard it is? Try not shaving your bikini area during the swimsuit season and them come talk to me.

I am really trying to wait 3 weeks before going but it is very hard. This past weekend I never made an appt and realized that my eyebrows look like eyebrows of a wolverine. Yikes! I called to ask if she has any appts for Sat and then I took a chance .. I know its a long shot but any way she has time tomorrow afternoon? Yes - really! OMG .. again SO happy!!

If everyone could feel this good then there would be no war, we would all be at peace.

God bless my Christmas Angels and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Mrs Pop said...

That is, indeed, a Christmas Miracle!

I hear you on the hair bit... I quit my hairdresser of 12 years over the summer. It's been painful, but he ruined my hair.

I live in the suburbs and have always had a commute to my hairdresser, waxer, facialist (cannot spell the "E" word, so I use many, many more words instead!). It's always been worth the drive time for me.

Merry Christmas!