Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Things

A few things have happened this week that I should report:

1. My dad apparently thought we had a garbage disposal so he started shoving stuff down our sink - ummm, we don't have a garbage disposal. That was a fun time!

2. They make headlights for lawn mowers. Who knew? Let me back up .. when I was growing up my mom went back to school to become a nurse and she worked nights for a long time. Just as she would go to sleep or happen to sit outside to enjoy the nice weather our neighbor would always start his lawnmower up. This would drive my mom insane - this guy literaly would mow his lawn everyday - talk about no life. Well anyway my parents have new neighbors and apparently this new guy is even worse that he will mow the lawn when it is dark out. He bought headlights ... seriously who does this?

3. I have become a fan of Big Baby!

4. My dad gave me a soon to be mom mother's day card. I am not even pregnant but he knows we want to start trying at the end of the summer so he wanted to be the first one to by me a card. He is cute and silly.

5. My hubby is turning into House. He is hobbling around the house because he hurt his toe a few weeks ago and it has gotten worse with his softball rough housing antics. So he doesn't want to see a doctor because "there is nothing they can do for toes except put a splint on it" then he started thinking if he had a splint he could use a cane and if he got a cane it could be the same one House uses .. now he wants to see the doctor.

6. Did anyone watch the House finale? Creepy and sad. I couldn't help but cry.

7. Did anyone watch the wedding episode of Grey's with Izzy and Alex .. OMG .. I bawled my eyes out. My friend Maria called and I answered and basically was like "crying, crying, Izzy, crying, crying, Alex, crying, pretty, crying, later" She was like ok I hope you are alright because I can't understand you. Call me later - haa haa.

8. I got to stay over at the Sheraton Hotel thursday night because I am attending a two day conference. I love staying in hotels ... so much fun .. plus they delivered a beer to me .. now that is service!

Happy Friday!!


The Ramos Family said...

1. I can so picture your dad shoving things down your sink with such gusto! Makes me laugh

6. The House finale?! First love that show, second can't wait to see where they are going with the story. I seriously can't get enough of that show.

Kim said...

I love the mental images I am having of your dad and your sink. Kind of reminds me of the time when he fell over the railing way back in the day. :)