Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Needing Motivation

I have pulled out all of my summer clothes and packed up my winter clothes. Woo Hoo. I love wearing flip flops but not that excited about wearing shorts. My summer clothes fit so that is good that I didn't go up a size but it is also very disappointing because I didn't go down a size.

I need to let it go and move on but sometimes I just get so frustrated. I had loss 21 lbs back around the holidays and of course I put almost all of it back on. I am down only 4 lbs now. How did this happen? Why did I let this happen? I knew that I was gaining weight but yet didn't do anything about it. I am hoping that with the warmer weather I will feel more motivated to go walking and eat healthy but we will see.

It is also hard to get motivated when we are going to start trying for a family in a few months. It seems like a waste to diet when I am just going to get pregnant; however, I also don't want to get pregnant at this weight and then put on 50 lbs because I don't know how I would ever get it off. Oh well ... the battle of dieting is always there. Sometimes I am on the winning side and sometimes I am on the losing side.


The Ramos Family said...

How about a little competition? Sarah and I have been in a weight loss competition since January...love to add you to the battle! We are slightly competitive :)

Annie MacKenzie said...

Haa Haa don't know if I am ready to take that on yet but if I change my mind I will let you know!