Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Things

1. Why is it that as soon as we put the AC's in the windows it gets cold and now I am sitting with two blankets on me?

2. Why is granite counter tops so expensive - $10,000 for what I want - tear.

3. I have been using Jergens self tanner lotion and my color is really good, although my white towels are turning beige. Grrr!

4. The quizzes on Facebook are addicting .. before I knew it 30 minutes of my life had gone by .. I won't even begin to say how much of my life has gone by from watching Jon and Kate this past weekend.

5. Weight Watchers has a ice cream candy bar out - its in the freezer section and SO SO SO good. It reminds me of a frozen snickers bar - yum yum!

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