Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Tuna Thief

For all of you that think the Lite Wheat Bread story was funny you will get a kick out of this. When hubby and I were dating he lived in a 3 story house with his roommate Bryan. On the first floor was the owner of the house, they were on the 2nd floor and then above them was another guy. There place was very spacious and the layout was ok. The only bad thing was that the first room was the living room and then the very back room was the kitchen so it didn't make entertaining easy.

Anyway, hubby was on the South Beach Diet then so he was limited to how many carbs he could eat and thus he ate lots of salads. Although manly salads, you know with tons of chicken, deli meats or tuna on it. Now Bryan and hubby shared a lot of stuff but their food was pretty seperate. For some reason though cans of hubby's tuna started to go missing. At first he shrugged it off but soon he began to get really annoyed. He knew Bryan wasn't taking it because I don't think he liked tuna and hubby even asked him about it. I personally thought that he was just eating more then he realized but he decided that the only logical explanation was the fact that the owner of the house was breaking into their apartment and started taking hubby's cans of tuna. And I am only talking like 1 or 2 cans at a time .. nothing major.

I think it is the funniest thing ever that he thinks the owner would break in and take his tuna and yet touch nothing else in their apartment. Come on they had some expensive computers, TV's, video games, a guitar etc but the owner only chose to take cans of tuna. Sigh, it still makes me laugh today!


Ed said...

Maybe the bread ninjas took the tuna? They could last for months on a single can, that's why they only stole them one-at-a-time! Case closed!

Kim said...

Ed you should specialize in closing cold cases. you're skills are THAT good! :)

Annie MacKenzie said...

Haa Haa love it!

Annie MacKenzie said...

He thought about joining the detective unit but he didn't want to show them all up.