Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh it's on

Healthy competition is welcomed in my work environment, especially when I kick your ass.

Ok, let me back up. We started our volunteer training this past week. We have 5 volunteers come in on Monday and Wednesday nights and we train them in domestic violence and sexual assault. Well since we work for a non-profit we are always crazy busy so we decided to split the shifts for the training. Team one, Sue and Nicole, versus Team two, moi and Sam.

Now anytime you are training a group you need food, that just the first rule of presenting. So last Monday when Nicole told me that she was going to bring in munchkins for the group I made a mental note: bring something better then munchkins when you present. Then on Wednesday, Sue came in with homemade oatmeal choc chip cookies that melted in your mouth. She said she felt bad because we were in competition in the snacks department but she felt bad because she said I didn't know we were in competition. So then I shocked her by saying, "Oh, I know we are in competition and I am so bringing you down".

So this has turned into a battle of who is the better team presenting and who brings the best snacks ... hey life has little victories and I am all about winning this round. In order to win I need help from you. I haven't presented to this group yet but I have heard that most of them are watching their weight so thus I want yummy low fat treats that they will appreciate. I want to make a low fat key lime tart with fresh fruit and No Pudge Brownies but other then that I don't know what to make. Any good recipes or sites?

Also, the only rule is that is needs to be homemade, no buying food .. aka no buying pizza because lets be honest, who can resist pizza?


Kim said...

Don't know if they're any good, but thought you'd want to take a look. Kick some ass!

Annie MacKenzie said...


Christian said...

Make a fruit trifle. You bake a gold cake (which you can do low fat using apple sauce), let it cool. You buy fat free vanilla instant pudding that you make with skim milk. Buy fat free cool whip. You'll need graham cracker crumbs, that you can either buy already crumbled in a box in the baking goods aisle at the grocery store, or you can buy low fat graham crackers and just smush them on your own ;-) They you buy blueberries and strawberries.

Grab your trifle bowl and start layering - cake, pudding, fruit, cool whip, graham cracker crumbs, repeat.

SO YUMMY!!! (I also make a chocolate, very much NOT low-fat trifle - heavenly!).

Good luck!

Annie MacKenzie said...

Thanks, that sounds amazing. I will definetly try it!