Thursday, May 21, 2009

Off Day

Today has just been weird. I have just felt off all day and will blame the heat on it. The AC in my car broke so driving today SUCKED!!!! Thankfully it is being fixed on Saturday.

The outreach team and I met for lunch at Panera and did some brainstorming. While we were talking, Sue and I, were facing the entrance and the other two were looking at the wall. All of a sudden this elderly woman came in the door and tripped on the rug which caused her to crash in the glass door in front of her. It was like slow motion .. she banged her head really hard and Sue and I jumped to our feet. Others came running too. Luckily there was a nurse/medical personnel eating and she was able to take over. The woman ended up being fine but a little banged up.

We went back to eating lunch and chatting. While we were talking we noticed a police officer come in, then leave, then come in and speak with a woman and leave again. My coworker, Nicole, noticed that some of the police were hanging outside ... weird. We were able to hear the officer mention something about a black Jeep but that was it. We tried to go back to talking but got a little nervous because Nicole has a black Jeep. On our way out the manager came over and asked if any of us had a black Jeep, Nicole said yes and it turned out it was her car that got hit in the parking lot. WTF. Luckily when we looked at her car it was only a little scratch and you couldn't even notice it.

All in all it was just a weird day.

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