Monday, July 20, 2009


This past Saturday we went with friends to see Elton John and Billy Joel play at Gillette Stadium. Thanks KO for the free invites. We got there a little before the game and tailgated, which is always fun. Then we headed to get our seats which were field level, awesome!!! The concert started with Elton John and Billy Joel singing together, then Elton took over, then Billy and then back to both of them to recap.

I was super excited that they played Benny and the Jets .. which always makes me think of 27 Dresses. Such a good movie. Anyway they also played Up Town Girl, You're Always a Woman To Me and We Didn't Start The Fire. The best to me was when Billy was playing River of Dreams and they cut away to play Dirty Water then cut back to finish the song. That rocked!

Some highlights from the trip:

Hubby and I

Heading down to the field seats.

We were on Elton's side.

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