Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life is not dull

We went to Ikea this past weekend and I am probably the only person in the world that thinks this but I don't really like Ikea. Everything they have is very modern and super low to the ground. Plus they trap you in like cattle .. when we wanted to leave it took forever to get out. Jesus it was worst then a casino .. no windows, no big signs for exit, tons of people walking around and no clocks set to the correct time ... at least with casinos you get free drinks.

Fast forward, hubby and I are walking through the store. We are searching for a new TV cabinet that is at least 70 inches long, 35 inches tall, with one or two glass draws for out TV components .. we cannot find it but decide to sit on couches and chairs as we try to get out.

We are walking along when all of a sudden we hear over the intercom my hubby's name and then to pick up the phone and dial 0. Wait, why is hubby's name on the intercom. My first thought is that the car was hit and the police were called but wait, the car is in my name not his. Ok, not that. My second thought was something major happened with our family and they called the store but wait how did they know we are at Ikea and why didn't they call our cell phones. Before I could even think of another explanation hubby states "its my wallet" as he pats his empty pocket.

Oye. We found an employee and she led us through the back ways of Ikea .. the staff lounge is impressive. We got his wallet and everything was still in it too. Thank you God.

Sadly, losing his wallet happens often and I have become to be accustomed to it ... oh well Hunny - I still wouldn't change you!

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Mrs Pop said...

OMG! We got an IKEA down here not too long ago and it's like a freakin' cult! I'm always afraid that they won't let me leave once I go in. Or that they'll not relinquish my son from the play area.

But they do have a couple of storage solutions that I covet. Cheap is nice. Usable, decent-looking, and cheap is better.