Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To Much Info - Oh Well

So much for relaxing candles, they won't help with this situation. I pulled my groin muscle. I didn't even know girls could do that. We were playing softball the other night and the ground was muddy which caused me to slip when I running to first base. I was safe so that is cool but I pulled my muscle and it hurts.

A funny conversationt then proceeded to take place:

ME: Can you pull your vagina?
KO: What?
ME: Can you pull your vagina? It hurts.
KO: Um.
ME: I think I pulled the muscle.
KO: Oh, I thought you wanted me to pull on your vagina.
ME: Um no, we are close but I wouldn't ask you to do that.


Jess said...

Oh you poor thing! I used to pull my groin all the time in gymnastics. Rest up and I hope it heals fast!!

Annie MacKenzie said...

I feel so much better now! Woo Hoo!