Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Minty Freshness

Yesterday I had to go to the dentist for a regular cleaning. I don't hate going to the dentist but at the same time it's not my most favorite thing to do. Actually on my way to the dentist I usually feel good because I like my smile and my smile is made up of healthy teeth and I want to keep it that way.

The woman who does my cleaning doesn't speak a lot of english and has a very strong Eastern European accent but it nice and goes slowly which helps. She always asks "you floss, right" and I always say "not always but I am trying to get better" - which is true. I floss whenever something gets stuck in my teeth so that should count.

Anyway we continue on and she tells me its time to rinse. She is bringing my seat up towards the drain and I am not fully paying attention - actually I am thinking about the gunk in my mouth and how I cannot wait to spit it out. She leans in to give me my little glass of mouthwash and bam, it drops and spills all over my lap. I look like I peed my pants. Holy shit - seriously. WTF.

Ok, ok, so I can't be mad cause its not 100% her fault, she thought I had the cup and I didn't. If I paid more attention things could have been different. Sigh. Instead I am all wet and have to walk out to my car looking like I missed the potty. Needless to say I bolted home to change after that mess.

On a side note mouthwash in your lower regions is not fun .. it stings.

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