Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The picture below does not do my hair justice ... it is so much worse. I think the light from the flashed actually helped my hair in this picture.

Ok, so for anybody who has ever gotten highlights and maintained your highlights they recommend going every 6 weeks. Well obviously this depends on how fast your hair grows and mine is very speedy currently.

Let me back up, I use to be able to look at my hair and say yikes I need to get my highlights touched up and then call for an appointment. Usually within 2-3 days I would have an appointment and all would be right in the world. Well that was my old hairdresser up in Medford who has since left the salon. I decided that I wasn't driving up through Boston for some other person so I decided to find a salon a little closer to me.

One of my friends recommended a place in Weymouth and although that is not next door my friends hair always looks great so I decided why not. When I first got my hair highlighted and cut I loved it. It looked great and the hairdresser was cool. She was sweet with a touch of rock. I liked her and when I went it was like going for a therapy appointment although I left feeling good on the inside and looking good on the outside. It was a win win.

So several weeks passed (hey it was the summer) and suddenly I looked in the mirror and thought oh god I need to get my roots dones asap. Well of course I waited another week before I even called and when I did call I was shocked to know they couldn't get me in within 2-3 days it was more like 2-3 weeks. WHAT! (now mind you I prefer to go on a Saturday because my work schedule is a little hectic during the week and Route 3 rush hour traffic scares me) I was shocked. I spoke with my friend and she was like "oh ya, they are really busy so I book my next appointment before I leave". ok so I could do that but that would require planning ahead and its not something I ever have done with my hair. I figured I would try it next time because damn my hair was looking bad and I never wanted to go through this again.

So my next appointment went great, loved the hair and when I went to pay I also went to book another appointment. (Go me) Well after I wiped my bank account clean from that experience (they are not the cheapest place) I decided I didn't need to go every 6 weeks .. I was sure I could make it at least 7 weeks. Man, I was wrong. I am dying and my hair appointment isn't even till this coming Saturday. It seems like forever. I think I really need to go every 5 weeks because my hair has grown almost 1 1/2 inches since my last appointment which means it is showing a lot of root and sad to say a lot of tiny gray hairs. Oye.

Come on Saturday .. get here sooner!

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Mrs Pop said...

My hair always looks worse to me than to anyone else... So it isn't as bad as you think.

I'd have to book 6 months out for my old hairdresser. He had all his clients trained to do that so that you couldn't get in if you had an emergency. But I left him a year ago and my new hairdresser is MORE popular, MORE exclusive, and yet EASIER to book. Crazy, but it's nice to only have to book one appointment out.

I go about every 7 weeks to maintain my color, and when the time does come, I'm beyond ready!