Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Package for Me?

For the past month we have been having work done on our house .. well not everyday but we signed the contract at the beginning of June. All the inside work has been done but the outside painting of the trim and staining the deck were on hold because of the stupid rain. Finally the deck is almost done. Our guy came today to put a second coat of stain on the deck and it looks really good. He told me to use the front door because he finished late in the afternoon and it was still wet so we shouldn't walk on it.

No worries. I got home and checked out the deck which looks really good but you can tell it is still wet. Everything is fine till I notice a UPS package on the deck and slight footprint marks on the step. WTF. I didn't order anything, what did hubby order? I quickly move my hand under the rail and pick up the package. It is light so I toss it over the railing, pull my hand out quickly and then grab the package before it hits the ground. Go Me. I slightly rub the footprints off the steps and they disappear. Awesome. I saved the day but still what is this small package all about.

Hubby gets home later and I show him the package which is addressed to him. He is confused because he can't remember ordering anything. He opens it and says "I didn't order this". I turn to look and its a box of Playdough .. Playdough. I begin to laugh. Who sends someone Playdough .. well hubby's silly friend does. Apparently, hubby helped him out with some work stuff and this was his way of saying thank you. Nobody told me that Playdough means thank you in boy language.

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