Sunday, November 2, 2008

$1Coins belong to Satan

Last night I met up with friends in Harvard Square for dinner and I figured the easier way would be to drive to Quincy Adams and take the T in. Hubby takes the commuter rail in so I could just use his pass and not have to pay any money. I get to the T station and I am running late, like usual. I put his pass in and it doesn't work. What?!? Oh, he gives me his October pass well its November now so of course it won't work. So I need to go get a one day pass, which is $9 bucks - grrr, but I wanted to use my credit card since I had limited money on me and of course the machine is stupid and won't let me use it. Ok, fine, I think I have a $10 in my wallet so I will use that ... I pull out the ten but only 1/2 of the ten comes out ... somehow this $10 bill ripped in my purse ... grrr again, so I can't use it for the machine so I have to put a $20 in which means I get back $11 worth of one dollar coins. Who ever made one dollar coins can go to hell!!! My purse was so heavy it could be considered a deadly weapon.


Sarah said...

Ugh i hate those. And see what nasty looks you get if you try to use those at Dunks. They're like "You're not serious...right?"

Mrs Pop said...

If there are any small children in your life, they freaking LOVE the gold dollar coins. They jingle. They work very well in piggy banks.