Sunday, November 23, 2008

Text Msge Conversation

A: Runnin late as usual & hope they dont mind me using their kitchen 2 make my appetizer

M: No they won't mind I'm sure. I thought i'd be on time but i've decided i really need to wash my hair - i'm late to everything though

A: Me 2. We are hot like that.

M: You know it

A: Ya I do. I'm surprised more people don't give us $1 dollar bills when we walk by

M: I may be wearing a bikini tonight, just fyi.

A: Man if I had only shaved then I could wear one 2

M: Aw not even a year married and you're already getting lazy? Does Ed miss bikini waxes yet?

A: HaaHaa no he doesn't like getting them! Besides its cold, I need all the warmth I can get

M: Was that part of your vows? "I, Ed, promise to love my wife even though she's hairy in the winter.."

A: Yep it was! Just like I vowed 2 love him even if his ass smells like death

M: Lol

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