Friday, November 21, 2008


I have been trying to grow out my eyebrows because they are super thin and apparently that is not the style anymore. Also it would make my face look better if they were a tad thicker. In order to have better brows I have vowed not to pluck or wax on my own. I have turned to the experienced woman at Elizabeth Grady for all my needs.

Carolann has been fabulous and we always chat when she does them. She has told me that I really need to try to not touch them for 3 weeks and them come in. 3 weeks!?!? OMG, this was SO hard. I was like a crack fiend waiting for my next fix. I vowed not to pluck on my own but wait 3 weeks to be waxed was SO hard. The first time I made it 2 weeks and then this time I actually made it to 3 weeks. OMG~ my eyebrows were horrible, I kept wearing my glasses and pushed up far on my nose as to try to cover all the hair, plus I stopped wearing eye makeup because I didn't want to attract more attention up there.

So was it worth it? YES!!! My eyebrows look awesome and they are getting a little thicker ... I have so much faith in Carolann and she is the magic eyebrow maker!! God bless her.

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