Saturday, November 29, 2008


Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!!

We went down to New Jersey to spend it with my in-laws. It is nice because my parents also come down and stay with us so it becomes a full house of 7 people plus add 4 more family members for Thanksgiving dinner and we have a tight squeeze.

Dinner was good although if I had it my way I would just have stuffing, mashed potatoes, extra gravy and a bottle of wine. Yep, I am a carb girl!!

Next weekend we have J & B's Wedding and I am super excited. It is the first wedding we are going to since we got married. A bunch of our friends will be there and I have no wedding pressure on me so it should be a blast. Plus I get to look at my oh so gorgeous hubby in a tux since he is part of the wedding party. Can't wait!


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Sarah said...

I am the same way! Mashed potatoes + Sweet potatoes + Stuffing is all I need. F the turkey!