Thursday, November 20, 2008

Long Day

Today was a really long day at work .. I left the house at 8am and got home at 8pm .. yikes. Not every work day is like that but every now and then somethings come up. Not only was today long = work hours but I had a few things come up.

First, one of my staff told me that they are thinking of leaving and wanted to give me a heads up. (not leaving because they don't like job but getting degree in different field and wants to do that) As a supervisor I am happy to know things in advance however what do I do with this knowledge? I don't know if this person is leaving in 1 month or 4 months. They will give me their notice when it happens but what do I do till then?? This is the first time this has ever happened to me ... can't wait to meet with my boss tomorrow to discuss.

Second, went to a really long evening meeting. The meeting was going along very well till one member told another member "where were you when we were doing all this" ACKWARD!!!!! We are all helping for the common good so why are we pointing fingers. I was thinking in my head along with everyone else "Oh, no she didn't".

Let's just say I was needing a glass of wine around 3pm and the desire only became stronger once ACKWARD moment at the evening meeting occurred, it turned into a desire of one bottle. Anyway when I finally got home I walk into the door and see the dishes done and the oven on with dinner inside cooking. OMG my wonderful husband made dinner & cleaned!!! He even looked in my Hungry Girl Cookbook (which is fabulous btw) and made me a WW healthy meal. God, I love this man.

He is a keeper!!!!

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