Sunday, November 30, 2008

Broken Furnace

I am freezing. This past Tuesday we had our furnace guy come over because our furnace wasn't working quite right and there was lots of soot everywhere. When our guy stopped by he noticed flames in the furnace where flames should not be so he had to shut if off because of safety issues.

Furnace off means:
No Heat + No Hot Water = Not Happy Wife

So we left for New Jersey Wednesday night and only had to deal with no heat and no hot water for a little bit. Not the best but not the worst. Our guy has been searching high and low for the part we need because we would rather get the part then replace the furnace. Saturday night I came home with my parents since hubby is going to the Jets/Broncos game today. When we got home last night it was frigid. Our thermostat gets as low as 44 degrees and sure enough thats what it said the house was at. YIKES~~

Last night sucked trying to stay warm. We had every candle lit and if you know me you know I have tons of them. We had the oven on and cracked to let heat in. I was throwing blankets into the dryer every few mins just to stay warm. Last night I slept so pourly in part because I was cold but also because my cat wanted some love and kept waking me up. It sucked.

Today we were hoping our guy would come fix the furnace but he couldn't locate the part we need ... grrrrr ... hopefully he will get it tomorrow. We will see. Maybe we will need to replace the whole thing, which would be expensive but we also need heat. Thankfully it hasn't been below the 30's because I don't want the pipes to burst.

Heading to a hotel tonight. I need to be warm and I need a shower.


Launce Newlove said...

I had the same experience! Good thing our repairman was very professional that he managed to fix our furnace in less than a day. So did you buy a new furnace already? I hope you opted to purchase a new one furnace if your old furnace has been repaired a couple of times already. A furnace is always a good investment, so it's definitely worth spending money for.

-Harris Aire Serv

Chris Hodges said...

I don't think anyone would be happy to have a broken furnace, especially if it is as freezing outside. Years have passed already, and I hope you never experienced the same problem with your current furnace. :) Otherwise, you will be staying at a hotel every time it breaks down, which can be very expensive than replacing a broken furnace. --> Chris Hodges